Binaural Beats For Lucid Dreams – Do They Work?

No, thank you for reading =)

Ok, I do feel there is more to be said on the subject other than an outright “no”, but in a nutshell, no, they do absolutely nothing, well, nothing for me at least.

I have tried lucid dream binaural beats and I just get annoyed by the discombobulating noise they create and how they make you feel.

A quick search on youtube produced 100s of results of binaural beat meditation music, yet have you ever seen anyone comment that these beats worked for them? I am pretty sure I have not, not so far anyway though to be completely honest I do not look anymore due to my stance on the subject.

Though for others, binaural beats probably do seem to work, but I would suggest that this is all down to the placebo effect; if we expect something to work, then we will see positive results. And way back when I did decide to try these beats, I had no preconceived notions that they would work, so maybe my negativity towards this annoying noise music prevented them from working at all, maybe.

But there are a growing number of lucid dreamers who feel the same way about binaural beats as I do, aside from those lucid dreamers who upload one video every day to youtube who are obviously out to get as many videos out as they can because they need to have X amount of total views on that youtube account.

But who am I to say they do not work, maybe they do, but it is more likely that they will do nothing for you but make you feel a bit weird and a bit disorientated, but try them out for yourself and please let me know of any results, good or bad, that you may have, because I do not mind being proved wrong once in a while, and maybe going into binaural beats with an open mind will produce positive results for some people, so please let me know if they work or not, and I will follow this up with another blog in due course.

Thank you for reading =)


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