Fears and Phobias are real in Lucid Dreams

So there I was thinking that I was getting good at this lucid dreaming malarkey, when I had this dream that I was on top of a tower overlooking my hometown.

It looked almost like it does on google earth, my house was there, my street was there, and the green opposite my house was there too, but what gave the dream away were 2 facts; 1, there was a river where the main road should be, ironically because many years ago there was a canal where the road is now, and 2, I do not climb towers, I have vertigo, which bought my awareness within my dream.

Despite my being aware I was dreaming, vertigo kicked in, and I do mean kicked in. My palms were sweating, my heart racing, my breath fast and I felt sick and dizzy.

And I could do nothing, absolutely nothing at all, I froze. Weird right, because I knew I was dreaming? But the vertigo, the fear was so real, the scene before me a few 100 meters down was so real, and the more vertigo I got, the smaller this platform on this tower was, it was shrinking before my very eyes, and the only way down was a really inappropriate ladder!

Of course, you may say, well why you I not just jump off, or fly, seeing as I knew I was dreaming? The simple answer is, I do not know, the vertigo made me a gibbering wreck as it would in the waking world.

Becoming lucid in our dreams does not automatically make us superhuman, far from it, fears and phobia’s are real, even within a lucid dream, I could not do anything to quench my fear, not a single thing.

With hindsight I could have said to myself, look, this is a dream, I cannot get hurt, and anyway, I have a parachute on my back, it will all be fine…

I will face my vertigo fears the next time I have a lucid dream!


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