Holiday Dream Night

It is 9am, and I am yet to take a sip of my freshly brewed coffee, nor write any entries into my dream journal, but while laying motionless in bed slowly recalling those dreams I had, as well as those dreams I recorded on my iphone over night, it suddenly dawned on me that I had just spent the entire night dreaming of holidays in some way.

The most vivid and longest dream of the night involved me and a friend walking along a beach in the USA, possibly California, or San Francisco. Other dreams involved me going through pass port control, and immigration, checking the weather in some European country, another had me in a restaurant with Japanese people eating sushi and me thinking “I don’t eat animals and I am hungry”.

There was another where I am looking at renting a beach buggy that looked more like a rickety go-cart, and another where I seem to be in some Moroccan market place full of herbs, spices and brightly coloured knitwear

I am sure there are more that are on my iphone,  I cannot wait to go through my recordings when I go to enter them all in my dream journal once I have woken up fully! I cannot remember a night where all my dreams shared a common thread, and I do not know why I was even dreaming about holidays but II thought it was note worthy enough to blog about!


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