Lucid Dreaming Cured My Cannabis Addiction

In 1989 I smoked my first spliff, it was made from hash, the resin from the cannabis plant, and almost 28 years later I smoked my last spliff, made from super skunk or some other such high grade strain of the plant.

I was a cannabis addict.

For a very long time I wanted to quit but I didnt think I could do it, though I did try several times to quit, but after just 2 days I would get restless legs at night which kept me awake for ages and ages.

But after reading Charlie Morley’s book Dreams Of Awakening, I decided to try to give up my addiction using lucid dreaming.

One night while in a particularly weird dream, it occurred to me that I was indeed dreaming, my first thought was , wow, great, lets have sex, and shortly afterwards I saw a dream character with a grey hoodie with a hash leaf on the front, but she walked past me and ignored me, how rude.

I then realised my plan of action, to seek out my inner weed toker, and sure enough, when I did call out my inner toker, it appeared, in the form of a humanoid cannabis plant, several arms, big leafy hands, white dreads and smoking one of his relatives in a really big blunt.

“We are done” I said to the plant. The plant gave me a sideways look and in a Jamaican voice he spoke to me, “Wah yeh mean weh done? Weh caynt beh done no?”, as he took a drag on the spliff and blew green swirling smoke into my face.

I replied “No offence, but we have had a good run, we have had fun, but the party is over my friend, I do not need you anymore, I do not want to be tied to the reefer, so its over, sorry but I do not need you around me anymore”, or words to that effect!

I knew it was going to be alright, and right before my eyes, my inner toker dropped his big spliff to the floor which vanished into the ground, and he smiled at me as he returned to plant form, arms turning to stems, face vanishing and his white dreadlocks turning into a pretty orange bud, before the plant seemed to grow smaller and smaller as I watched over its regression. I looked at my hands and grey smoke came from fingertips, shortly to turn into white light, and that white light woke me up instantly.

I sat up in bed, I smiled to myself, went over to the dressing table in my bedroom, took my weed from the baccy tin and went downstairs to dispose of it sensibly and responsibly. I felt no guilt, I felt no shame, I felt no sadness that I was to part with this substance that has more or less stayed with me for all these years.

That was a few months ago now, and I have not smoked a spliff since then, I have not even been tempted to smoke it again, and as I lay in bed in the nights following this lucid dream, my legs did not once twitch uncontrollably through cannabis withdrawal. I feel completely fine and I feel more high now than I did when smoking it.

I guess it lowered my vibration so much, it dulled my senses so much, that not smoking it now feels like a new high to me, everything is sparkly, I have clarity of mind and I no longer wish to smoke that weed again.

I have no issue with others smoking it, it is relatively harmless compared to most substances that are in fact legal and accepted by society, and I have always stated that it should not be illegal, I mean, you cannot ban nature, you cannot make nature illegal, and it is only a plant, man has used cannabis for 1000s of years, but my time with the plant really has come to an end, and I owe it all to lucid dreaming and the power of the mind, because if it was not for that, I would probably be smoking it until my last days.


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