Method 1 // Suggest yourself to lucid dream

One of the most simple techniques to become consciously aware that we are in a dream is to use autosuggestion, the practise of flooding your mind with a self induced hypnosis to guide our thoughts.

As we know, intent is a very powerful thing indeed, and autosuggestion is  one of the most simple lucid dreaming methods around and requires very little in the way of learning, and does not break those all important sleep patterns, ideal for those who want to lucid dream during the working week.

Autosuggestion has a placebo effect, if we think something will work, it most likely will.  If you wake up grumpy and think “today is going to be hard”, then your day is likely to be an unpleasant one, so instead of using autosuggestion to your disadvantage, why not use it to your advantage?

Autosuggestion brings a change to our unconscious mind and more importantly, our subconscious mind; any idea that floods the mind exclusively will bring about a reality. However, in order for this to work, you must really believe it will work, it is as much about positive will power than it is about self hypnosis. If you doubt this method will work, then it most likely will produce negative results.

So with that in mind, we need to set up a mantra, one that states our intent clearly and effectively. So I have come up with this mantra;

“Tonight I will have a lucid dream, because I am a lucid dreamer and I can wake up within my dreams.”

Seems simple enough doesn’t it?  So let me break this down for you so we clearly get to see the intent behind this mantra.

You should clearly see three definitive calls to action, “I will”, “I am”, and finally “I can”. Three powerful statements of intent in one single sentence, giving this mantra a threefold chance of working. That mantra once more, “Tonight I will have a lucid dream, because I am a lucid dreamer and I can wake up within my dreams.” The beauty is in its simpleness, and simpleness is a real word I assure you!

For this method to be most effective I suggest that you repeat this mantra before you get ready for bed, and while you are in bed, and make this mantra the last thing you think about before you fall asleep. You may find that your mind will begin to wander off course now and again, this is OK, just as long as you are aware that you are thinking of something else, just let those thoughts pass by and continue with the mantra,  and try not to chastise yourself or say to yourself that “I must forget about work tomorrow” because you could end up saying the mantra wrong as you fall asleep. Random thoughts will pop into your head, it is natural, so just let those thoughts go and continue with the mantra until you do fall asleep.

You may even find at some point that you forget what the next line of the mantra is, this is perfectly normal too, specially when we are on the verge of sleep, entering the hypnagogic state of sleep, that brief period between wakefulness and sleep. Just say the mantra again from the beginning and continue until you fall asleep.

You can even make up your own mantra if you feel this is too long or too forceful, there are no rules to creating mantra’s, so feel free to make any mantra personable to you, and own that mantra!

Give yourself a month using this method to see if it works for you, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain, and if this does not work out for you, do not lose faith, because we all have the potential to dream lucidly, and there are other methods and techniques out there which I will also discuss in upcoming blogs.

Again, please feel free to try this method out and I would love to know if it works out for you, or hear about your own lucid dreaming mantra’s!

Sweet Dreams xxx


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