Helping children beat nightmares using the Find Your Hands method

My brothers girlfriend has a daughter who has regular reoccurring nightmares and she recently came to me for help after discovering I was something of a dream worker.

I sat down with her daughter, who we shall call Emma, and I asked her about her nightmares but she refused to talk about it, so I asked her if she wanted to stop the nightmares which she obviously did.

I already had a plan of action in mind, and it was a simple one.

I told Emma that before she went to bed, to look at her hands for several minutes and say over and over “the next time i am dreaming I will look at my hands and I will know I am dreaming!”

I then told her that eventually she will know the nightmare is just a bad dream, and once this happens she should tell the nightmare that “I am not scared, you cannot hurt me, and everyone loves me!”

I decided this was the best method to use on a child because we do not want to wake them up in the night to do the WBTB technique, and that this one could be done with her mum in the room as she looked at her hands. Using the WBTB method would, in my view, not work on a child for the simple fact that once a child is awake, they are very unlikely to fall back to sleep, because children are like coiled springs and once awake, their awake until evening.

So far so good, she does not wake up crying or screaming anymore, and the nightmares have become less intense. She has told her nightmare that she is not scared etc, and it does seem to be working, which is good for both child and parent.

The good news for parents is that children are more likely to know they are dreaming whilst they are dreaming, as children have many more lucid dreams naturally than adults do, so feel free to try this method if your little one is suffering from nightmares.






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