My Experience using Calea Zacatechichi For Lucid Dreaming

After doing my research I decided to give Calea Zacatechichi a try, and I am mighty glad I did.

I bought my bag from Ebay from a very trusted seller who actually lives nearby which was handy, it arrived 2 days early and I tried it that night.

There are several ways to consume the herb,some drink it in a tea, others smoke it in a joint, so naturally I did the latter, I rolled a doobie with the stuff and smoked it before I went to bed.

The first night nothing out of the ordinary occurred, my dreams were of the usual vivid clarity, and memorable as they always are, nothing weird there at all. The second night was pretty much the same story really,    but the third night blew my mind.

I had 7 lucid dreams in a row, in fact every dream I had that night I became very lucid in each and every one of them. It worked really well, in fact it far exceeded my expectations. seven in a row is a good tally in any lucid dreamers dream journal I think, so I was very impressed of course.

The herb is legal in the UK, not addictive, not a psychoactive, you will not hallucinate on it like some users report and it certainly is not a cannabis substitute, it will not get you high, it won’t make you giggle at silly cat videos, it won’t give you the munchies as much as weed and you don’t end up listening to Pink Floyd in a darkened room, and the smoke I find is actually rather pleasant, it is not bad at all, not as bitter as I thought it would.

Now it worked very well for me, though I do put this down to being a fairly experienced lucid dreamer, and being very aware, living lucidly as well as dreaming consciously, so I had a good head start from the off, but for those who have never had a lucid dream before, I do recommend you do the usual preparations such as dream journals, reality checks and reading up on the subject of lucid dreaming, thinking you can just take this with very little prep work possibly will let you down, so the intention has to be strong indeed, however for those who have had regular lucid dreams, this will enhance those dreams without a shadow of a doubt and I do highly recommend that you at least  give this a try a few times, if only to lucid dream 7 times consecutively!




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